Bringing hope, life and empowerment
to each precious creation of God!


PAVE is a Christian NGO that is based in New Delhi. It is backed up by committed and faithful members of staff who selflessly give their lives to empowering the lives of others. PAVE (People in Action for Virtuous Empowerment) was born in 2007 because God implanted a dream in an individual's heart to reach out to some of the poorest communities in North and Central India with a deep care for the social, emotional and spiritual well being of these people. Since then PAVE has committed itself to caring for the "whole" person, so we adopt a holistic approach to our work.


PAVE works to empower people's lives because we believe every human being is a unique and valued creation of God. We want to see individuals fulfilling their God given potential.


We strive to provide sustainable welfare and support to some of the poorest communities in North and Central India. We want to care for the "whole person" caring for their social, emotional and spiritual needs. We are desperate to see lives changed and people empowered by the Love of Christ.


A Paver Birmingham United Kingdom In September 2011 I spent two weeks finding out more about PAVE and the things they are getting up to. Before leaving for India my expectations were quite low as I intended to be thrown in to a new culture and new surroundings!

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