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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is PAVE ?
Conceptualized in 2006, PAVE was registred with the Government of Delhi as an entity for Charitable cause on 27th April 2007.

2. What is unique or different about PAVE ?
PAVE works on the model of Venture Philanthropy. We are willing to experiment and try new approaches focusing on capacity building.

3. How do I ensure that whatever I donate will be used correctly ?
The entire management process of PAVE is evaluated by multi-tier system- programmes and project audit, internal & process audit, statutory audit and external audit, which ensure proper utilization of funds. In order to maintain transparency we encourage Our Supporters to make all donations through cheques, demand drafts or online payments.

4. Is PAVE eligible to receive International Donations ?
Yes Pave can receive international donations as it is Registered with Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India under Foreign Contribution(Regulation)Act 1976. Its registration 231661166 and its account in ICICI Bank A/C no 048801000705 is solely for this purpose only.

5. What are the causes PAVE works towards ?
We mainly address the healthcare and educational needs of the underpriviledged children and rural villages. We also emphasise on life skills training of the marginalized youth and girl child and women empowerment.

6. Does PAVE get any Financial support from the Government ?
PAVE is an implementing partner of various Government run programmes but is not funded to run the day to day affairs of the organisation.


Natalija Gura Macedonia I came to India to work with PAVE for 2 months; I had the opportunity to visit some of the projects they are running. I was pleasantly surprised by the heart of the workers running the programs that PAVE has. They donít work to earn lots of money, but they work to give hope to those who are less fortunate.

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