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Our Projects

PAVE is first and foremost committed to providing essential services to those in need of basic health, sanitation, and education: the building-blocks of self-empowerment. With projects in four states of North and Central India, we have identified the best opportunities for real change and improvement to the quality of life of the least privileged among us.

Education Program, Bawana
Bawana Education Program is designed to deliver basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills to children of all ages in Bawana a relocated slum north of New Delhi. Program plants the seeds of knowledge that allow young minds to grow and prosper.

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Low-Income Community Sanitation Project
Public sanitation is vital in creating an atmosphere where human dignity and empowerment can grow. Unfortunately, many in Northern India still live in homes and communities without proper toilet facilities and have to bear the consequences of increased health and safety risks. In response, the PAVE Foundation has already constructed over 4,000 public units in fourteen low-income communities. Combined, the toilets provide a healthier, safer, and cleaner environment to more than 150,000 people.

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Lord Jesus Academy, Hapur
Lord Jesus Academy was established in May 2011. At present it educates over 50 children in the surrounding slum community of Hapur. They currently have classes up to 4th grade and this will continue to develop along with the children's progress. The school has 7 orphan children who attend and stay at the school with the prinicipal and his wife.

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Stefano Mazzilli-Daechsel Canada I arrived in New Delhi at the beginning of June 2011 for a six-week internship with PAVE. Over the following weeks Vinay (Managing Trustee) and myself would get more personally acquainted while he showed me the work that his organization was accomplishing with the support of its partners.

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